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  • Stop wasting time on makeup brushes!

    Cleaning makeup brushes is a complete waste of time especially when you need four different brushes to do something that a single Plush Sponge can do! Stop wasting time on makeup brushes and switch to using Plush Sponge. It will save you so much time and effort.
  • Why should you use Plush Sponge?

    Plush Sponge by Revered Artistry is one of the most super soft and affordable makeup sponge in the market. It will blend your foundation flawlessly without any streaks, does not absorb your products, save your money and has a variety of shapes and colours. Plush Sponge is the best beautyblender, beauty sponge, makeup sponge, cosmetic sponge in the market now!
  • The Different Types of Beauty Sponges

    The different types of beautyblender and makeup sponges available in the market and how are each sponges different from the other.
  • The Different Shapes of Makeup Sponges

    Teardrop   Plush Sponge is super-soft and ensures flawless application of products with minimum wastage. Our signature slanted flat surface is ...
  • Plush Sponge

    The Beginning Ever since I discovered beauty sponge eight years ago, my life changed - I know it sounds overdramatic but it's true - after that fa...