Why should you use Plush Sponge?

Why should you use Plush Sponge?

If you have ever wondered why you should be using Plush Sponge as your choice of makeup sponge, we are here to tell you why!
Makeup sponges, beauty sponges, beautyblender, blenders and so on, these are just some of the many names used when referring to cosmetic sponges.
Most makeup sponges in the market are made from hydrophilic polyurethane (foam) which allows the sponges to expand when it comes in contact with water. This process prevent the blender from absorbing your liquid foundation and makes blending a breeze. The existence of beauty sponges have made blending foundation as well as concealers fuss-free while giving you a flawless and streak free finish as compared to using brushes. While most sponges can do this, not all sponges are the same.
With the plethora of choices in the market for cosmetic sponges, you're probably wondering which beautyblender or beauty sponge should you get? The major factor that sets Revered Artistry's Plush Sponge apart from the other sponges out there is our transparency and detailed description on the quality of our sponges in terms of softness, affordability, colours, shapes as well as our ethos to be a conscious brand. All of our Plush Sponges have our logo embossed on the sponge as an indication of authenticity.

Variety of Softness Level for Plush Sponges

From the early conception of Revered Artistry, we have always emphasised on the softness level of our Plush Sponges. We have created a softness meter ranging from 'ultra soft' as the softest sponge in one spectrum and 'hard' as the firmest sponge on the other end of the spectrum. This softness level is clearly indicated in every Plush Sponge we have produced.
Our bestselling Plush Sponge that is loved by many has a softness level indicated as "Super Soft" which happened to be the most popular as it has the perfect balance of softness and density. It is neither too soft nor too hard but is perfect at blending that foundation flawlessly on your skin.

The Most Affordable Sponge in the Market

Plush Sponge is the most affordable and one of the cheapest beauty sponge out there. We believe in making beauty sponges accessible to the masses by making it as affordable as possible so that everyone can experience the beauty of sponges.
Our Plush Sponges price ranges from S$9.90 to S$12.90 depending on the type and colour of the Plush Sponges. Gone are the days where you spent about $30 on one makeup sponge when you can buy up to three Plush Sponges with that same amount of money!

Variety of Fun Colours


Revered Artistry's Plush Sponges Variety

If you have a favourite colour in mind and would like to own a beauty sponge of that colour, Revered Artistry's Plush Sponge may have just that! We are constantly producing Plush Sponges in a variety of colours as we believe that beauty tools such as sponges should be fun too! The fun factor comes from our constant new launches of Plush Sponge and getting our followers on Instagram to be part of the process by naming the new colour. If the name is chosen, the person who suggested the name will win that particular Plush Sponge!

The colours available are solid colours and marbled colours; which has at least two different colours mixed to look like swirls. You can check out our first marbled colour Plush Sponge called Sorvete (named by our follower) here! Many have said it reminds them of the Raspberry Ripple Ice-Cream, yummy!


Variety of shapes

We are the first in Singapore to produce Plush Sponge in a variety of shapes namely in teardrop, hourglass and mini. All of which has a slanted flat side which is perfect at applying powder and blending your foundation seamlessly.

Conscious Brand

Revered Artistry's Environmentally Friendly Packaging
Last but most definitely not least is our effort to be more 'woke' and be a conscious brand not just in our packaging which is made from recycled paper but also in the way we run our business. Revered Artistry is conscious on the environment and societal impact our business can cause.
Now that you know why Revered Artistry's Plush Sponges are different from the rest out there, do support us by checking out our website here!

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