Stop wasting time on brushes

Stop wasting time on makeup brushes!

Picture of dirty makeup brushes

Imagine using multiple makeup brushes just to complete your base makeup which includes foundation, concealer, blush and contour. You would have to switch between at least four different makeup brushes and even then, it does not give you a flawless finish. When you are done, you have a pile of dirty brushes waiting to be washed.

We should stop wasting our time and effort on cleaning makeup brushes!

Let's be real, do you prefer having to wash four brushes and wait for it to dry before using them again or wash just one Plush Sponge without having to wait for it to dry to use it again?

If you chose Plush Sponge then you are like us, you value your time tremendously

Plush Sponge is better than makeup brushes

We are sure many of you have gone through this, before using Plush Sponge, you would be switching between different brushes to complete your base makeup. Even then, your faces will have streaks left by the brushes.

That's not all, when you reach home, aside from having to wash your face, you have a bunch of brushes waiting to be washed and drying them can take many days depending on the weather!

But instead of cleaning those brushes, you wash your face, apply your skincare and go to bed. The next day, seeing the pile of dirty brushes, you set it aside and tell yourself that you will clean them later and proceed to take a new set of brushes to apply your makeup. And this process repeats until one day you are left with no brushes and have no choice but to grudgingly wash them all.

Why torment yourself with this when you can save that time and effort by switching to using Plush Sponge?

Plush Sponge has multi-purpose uses

You can apply foundation, concealer, cream blusher and contour just by using one Plush Sponge! It works 100x better than makeup brushes because it does leave any streaks and blends your foundation flawlessly.

Plush Sponge is best used damp

Dirty sponge in the morning? Fret not, you can wash them before applying your makeup and use it immediately. No waiting time needed because Plush Sponge is best used when it is damp.

Plush Sponge available on website and Shopee!

If you are ready to make the switch from brushes to Plush Sponge, you can shop our range of super soft Plush Sponges on our website and Shopee. Save your precious time and effort from cleaning multiple makeup brushes now!

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