The Different Types of Beauty Sponges

The Different Types of Beauty Sponges

Plush Sponge

Beauty Sponge (Plush Sponge)

The most common beauty sponge available in the market are made from hydrophilic polyurethane. Similarly, our bestselling beauty sponge is made from hydrophilic polyurethane foam and is latex-free. Plush Sponge is super soft and bouncy. It allows for a buildable coverage where the user can control if they want a natural finish or a full coverage finish. It feels damp and cooling while applying products and gives a flawless finish. You can shop this Plush Sponge here.

Ripple Plush Sponge

Ripple / marble beauty sponge (Ripple Plush Sponge)

Ripple Plush Sponge is made from the same material as the normal Plush Sponge; hydrophilic polyurethane foam and is latex-free. However, it has a unique ripple effect which makes each sponge different from the other so no two Ripple Plush Sponges are the same! It gives the same flawless finish. You can shop for this beautiful Ripple Plush Sponge here.

Coulourshift Plush Sponge

Colour changing makeup sponge (Colourshift Plush Sponge)
Colourshift Plush Sponge can shift colours depending on the temperature it is in. The temperature-activated technology allows your Plush Sponge to shift colours when you soak it in warm or cold water. It is also latex-free and provide a natural flawless finish. Have fun with this magical Colourshift Plush Sponge here.

Ombré Plush Sponge

Gradient makeup sponge

Ombré Plush Sponge has a unique feature where the colour of the sponge transition from one shade to the other creating a beautiful gradient. It is one of the most beautiful sponges out in the market now due to the unique colour. Be mesmerised with this beautiful gradient Ombré Plush Sponge here.

Velvet Plush Sponge
Microfibre makeup sponge

This makeup sponge is made popular by NikkieTutorials. Nikkie uses microfibre makeup sponges in most of her Youtube videos and she is one of the creator who prefers this type of sponges as compared to a normal beautyblender.

Our version of microfibre is called Velvet Plush Sponge as it has a soft velvety texture and is also latex-free but with a microfibre outer layer. It is slightly firmer than Plush Sponge but still soft. It gives a full coverage airbrush finish as it absorbs lesser products and dries relatively fast. Velvet Plush Sponge is currently out of stock but we are working hard on restocking this soon!

Silicone infused makeup sponge
This sponge has a silicone outer layer to prevent products from getting absorbed but the base is normally uncoated for water to leave the sponge with ease without damaging the silicone layer. This sponge will give a similar finish to Velvet Plush Sponge where your foundation will look full coverage as it absorbs even lesser product than a microfibre sponge. We currently do not produce this beauty sponge.

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