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Revered Artistry

Ripple Plush Sponge (Mini)

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Mini Ripple Plush Sponge is ultra-soft and ensures flawless application of products with minimum wastage. 

It is similar to our regular Plush Sponge but the ripple effect makes each sponge different from the other so no two Ripple Plush Sponges are the same!

Minis are great for precise makeup application and our signature slanted flat surface is perfect for blending small areas under the eyes, brow bones, sides of the nose and for low-key baking under the eyes.

The round side can be used for a fast and streak-free application.


✓ Ultra Soft  Super Soft ✗ Soft

How To Use:

Wet Plush Sponge and squeeze out excess water then blend away. Wash stains with a sponge cleaner. Replace every three months.


Hydrophilic Polyurethane, Colourants, Water.


Quantity: 1

Material: Latex-Free (Hydrophilic Polyurethane)

Dimension: 25 x 35 mm

Shape: Mini