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Revered Artistry

Plush's Cot

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This Plush Sponge's Cot in Coppery Rose Gold is the cutest home for your Plush Sponge. It will look beautiful on your vanity with its shiny rose gold metal. The Cot is the perfect home for your Plush Sponge as the metal spirals keep it in place when it is dry and will sit nicely on the rim of the Cot when it is wet.

Plush's Cot is also hygienic as it allows your Plush Sponge to dry ventilated in its Cot so that it won't roll over or collect dust.

Comes in five different shapes: Cube, Cot, Round base, Triangle base and Square base. Please remember to select one shape when adding to cart.

Please choose your desired shape.

Quantity: 1

Size: 60x60mm