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Revered Artistry

Sample Sale: Duo

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Sample Sale: Duo

Each sponge comes with a new Colourshift Sponge in Seashore. Please select the right code that corresponds to


  • Mochi starts with code M
  • Flame starts with code F
  • Diamond starts with code D
  • Mango starts with code MA
  • Eco starts with code E
  • Regular sponge starts with code R

New Colourshift Sponge shifts from Sage to Teal (cold) and Yellow (warm).

*E01 is made from 5% Green Tea

*E02 is made from 50% Coconut Husk

How To Use:

Wet Plush Sponge and squeeze out excess water then blend away. Wash stains with a sponge cleanser. Replace every three months.


Hydrophilic Polyurethane, Colourants, Water.


Material: Latex-Free (Hydrophilic Polyurethane)